Friday, 11 May 2012

Sleek eau la la liners

I was very excited to see these liners in my local Superdrug as I've read rave reviews about the products on beauty blogs. Sleek are fast becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands because they are incredibly affordable and high in quality. As a make up artist I am always looking for new products to add to my kit and the eye palettes and blushes from this brand don't cost the earth but produce great results on clients. 

The eau la la liners can be used on eyes/lips/face and the creamy texture makes them perfect for using on clients without causing discomfort. The range of colours is fantastic and I picked up 6 of them in store. as with many other drugstore products you need to check that the product hasn't been tampered with as I have picked up a couple of broken/unwrapped products in Superdrug before without realising. I would highly recommend ordering from the Sleek website instead.

The wanted to choose a variety of colours so I picked up yellow,orange,white,blue,berry and coral. There were no testers available in store so I took a risk and it definitely paid off! The pigment and texture of the product is fantastic. The white in particular really stood out because it wasn't a wishy washy white as many others are but instead an intense true white which would look fantastic on the eyes. 

I have used the berry colour already on models for a fashion show and the colours had great depth and was incredibly flattering on a variety of skin tones. I will definitely buy more if I find myself looking for a specific colour but would highly recommend any make up junkies or working make up artists to pick a few up for their collection. At £4.00 per pencil you can't go wrong!

I also picked up two shadows from MUA cosmetics on my trip which I will be reviewing soon :)


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  1. Love these! Definitely picking some up very soon x