Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nubo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask

I follow Nubo skincare on twitter and recently won a competition with them! I was sent the ice glow mask which I had heard mentioned in various beauty magazines as a radiance boosting treatment. I researched the product online and found out that the product is worth £100 and has rave reviews by beauty editors! I read about the amazing properties of the mask and was immediately excited to try it! I used it on myself and my sister to see how it worked on both of our skin types (mine is normal/combination and hers combination/oily).

The first thing that struck me when I received the product was the beautiful packaging! 

The "diamond" encrusted lid and sultry silver packaging reflect the product itself and I was impressed with the size of the product. At £100 however I would expect great packaging anyway!

The product itself is creamy and light and I applied it all over the face but not too close to the eye area as instructed. I left the mask on for 10 minutes and immediately felt the cooling effects which give this mask its ice glow name! It was extremely cold on the face and almost felt numbing by the end of the 10 minutes so if you don't like tingling or the cold you will probably not enjoy this treatment! However I found it quite invigorating especially when I read about the wonderful things that it was doing to my skin.

The oxygenating mask claims to:

- ease signs of tiredness
- promote a glowing complexion
-plump the skin
- revitalise and refresh with the cooling sensation
- release frown lines and wrinkles

The results for me were lovely but I didn't notice anything outstanding! My skin felt soft, plumped and looked radiant however I don't suffer with any wrinkles yet so cannot comment on those claims. I felt very refreshed and the cooling sensation lasted for a while after removing it! My sister did not enjoy the feeling at all so it is definitely not for everyone as the sensation is a bit odd. I felt like jack frost was blowing onto my face for about half an hour! I will be trying the mask on my mother to see how it works on mature/dry skin and will report back on the results! 

I personally could not spend £100 on a face mask however the jar is huge and if you were to purchase you would get a lot of use out of the product. I will keep trying the product but cannot imagine purchasing it purely because of the price and the results were not staggering enough to warrant spending so much!



  1. Ooh I was going to ask how you'd got on with this and you've just answered my question! It sounds 'interesting' in the sense that it cools down rather than heats up xx

  2. Great review! The mask sounds total luxury x