Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pamper Evening Essentials

Every week I like to treat myself to a DIY pamper evening to relax and give my face and body some extra special treatment and I thought I would share my favourite pampering essentials with you.

I always start by turning the lights down and putting a candle on to help my relax. My White tea and Linen candle has been going for months and the "Our own candle company" products are a bargain but I have some Yankee Candles on my christmas list too. This scent is clean and homely and always makes me feel much more chilled out.

I am a skincare addict and always cleanse, tone and moisturise at night so for pamper evenings I like to add something special into my routine. I won this face mask from Sisley in an online competition and it has become one of my all time favourite products. It is a pricey product but feels so luxurious and being an express mask it works in only 3-5 minutes! The Radiant Glow express mask instantly improves the texture and tone of the skin and anything that works that quickly is a winner in my book. A real treat for the skin!

I usually wear the mask whilst in the bath which I pour this gorgeous oil into. Neals Yard Remedies makes some beautiful smelling products and this Seaweed and Arnica foaming bath oil is no exception. It creates a soft bubbly bath and the smell is perfect to ease tension and help me sleep better at night. 

Tanning is definitely part of my weekly routine especially at this time of year when my skin looks sallow and pasty! I like to use a medium to dark tan this time of year so it looks more natural so Laurens Way Glam Tan is the perfect tone. This spray action tan its easy to use and dries quickly. I spritz the product onto my tanning mitt and glides it over the skin in circular motions. The colour is perfectly golden and I can choose to do a second layer the next day if I want it deeper.

The last step in my pamper evening routine is always a spritz of Goodness sleep enhance spray which contains lavender and chamomile bay to help promote a better nights sleep. I love this scent because it lingers after I have blown my candle out for bed time and I like to spritz it onto my pillow so I can breathe the scent in. It definitely helps me switch off after a busy day.

What are your pamper essentials and what should I add to my routine?



  1. Sisley make some of my all time favourite skin care and their masks are just exceptional! I think I need to try the pillow mist and bath oil! xx

    1. yes I definitely need to try more products from them! they are the ultimate luxury! x