Sunday, 29 December 2013

Blend blend blend!

I am addicted to blending brushes! Granted I am addicted to any makeup brushes but blending brushes are truly a makeup artist essential. Blending brushes can come in different shapes and sizes but generally are fluffy and fit perfectly into the natural crease of the eye. I have many blending brushes but I have a select few which I constantly reach for because they do the job so well.

I thought I would share my favourites with you and tell you why they are so fantastic!

Left to Right Bottom to top - MAC 217, Crown Brush C433 Pro blending brush, Tom Ford blending brush, Cozette brush S165 Large Contour brush, Hakuhodo blending brush (from a set)

First up is the legendary MAC 217 brush. This fluffy brush is a makeup artist must have and the perfect size and shape for both applying crease colours and blending them! It fits perfectly into the socket and using circular buffing motions can blend out any harsh lines. I also find the tip of the brush the perfect size for placing deeper colours into the very outer corner and then using a different clean 217 to blend. I always have at least 4 with me on jobs and if you have never tried a blending brush it is a great brush to add to your collection. At £18 it's not too pricey and they really do last for years.

Next is the Crown brush C455 Pro blending brush and at about £6 this is an absolute bargain. Crown also do a pro scheme for makeup artists so you can really stock up on these. Again I carry a lot of these in my kit. Obviously the hair isn't as soft as the more expensive options but mine have lasted a good couple of years without losing their shape and they do the job well. The brush is almost identical to the MAC 217 so if you are on a tight budget this is a great option.

The Tom Ford blending brush is an absolute beauty of a brush. The hair is incredibly soft and the design of the brush is as you would expect sophisticated and luxurious. The brush is slightly slimmer than the previous two brushes and because of this the end is fantastic for placing darker colours into the crease or blending out a dark smokey eye. At £42 this brush is definitely an investment but its one worth making if you are a makeup addict or you regularly like to wear smokey eyes. 

The next brush you may notice is larger than the others and this Cozette S165 large contour brush is definitely more for useful for blending than for applying. This large fluffy tapered brush really does the job and any harsh lines are buffed away. This is a great brush to do a super quick job of blending because of the size and a great brush to have at hand if you get a little heavy handed with colours on the eye lid! Cozette brushes are vegan, lovely and soft and at only £13.50 it is a must have in my opinion.

Last but not least this Hakuhodo blending brush is the newest in my collection. I bought it at IMATS this year as part of a travel set so the handle is shorter but the brush size is not compromised. This brand is a cult favourite amongst makeup artists because the quality is second to none. This brush doesn't have a name or number on it but it looks very similar to their S142 model when I looked online. It is similar to the long tapered blending brush the mac 224 but a million times softer and easier to work with! Because the shape is longer and thinner it is less firm than the MAC 217 and creates a softer blend where the outer edges of the eyeshadow can be buffed to disappear to nothing. The prices are quite high with a blending brush retailing for about $38 but they are worth every penny. This tapered brush is soft, moveable and blends like a dream! 

What are your favourite blending brushes?