Monday, 9 January 2012

"Can you see beauty without ever seeing it?" - Bare Minerals campaign

This new "Force of Beauty" campaign from Bare Minerals began with casting models for their products by conducting questionnaires and blind interviews before choosing the final 5 faces. This idea focuses on finding the beauty within rather than the most attractive face available which works well with the Bare minerals brand who refer to their make up consultations as make unders and their products as natural enough to sleep in. I admire the brand for this idea because in the current beauty market so much focus is placed on models and their perfect bone structure or flawless skin whilst the consumer is left feeling that being pretty is enough. However this campaign challenges this idea, using models and actresses in blind interviews to find true beauty in their personalities and character. Of course the 5 models chosen are all gorgeous on the outside because they are models or actresses and therefore one could argue that the company should have conducted these interviews on any members of the public to really get across the point that beauty comes from within and anyone can be beautiful however I can see that they wanted to use models who would normally be seen as simply pretty and let the consumer see them as a real person with family, jobs, education and personality traits.

I would love to know what you think about this campaign! Is it important for us as consumers to be aware of the importance of being beautiful people as opposed to just pretty faces? Does this campaign inspire you or do you accept that make up models are picked purely for their flawless faces and do you even care about the background of the models used? Does this campaign make you want to try the products from the brand?

Personally I like this campaign because it made me think about the images used in make up advertising and I find the idea of blind castings really interesting as a way of inspiring consumers to think about the concept they are buying into when they purchase from a brand. However, in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of beauty, I have sadly come to accept that inner beauty is sometimes left behind whilst outer beauty has become the focus of our self analysis. 

Go to and click on the force of beauty tab for more information.


  1. i love the whole concept behind it too! (and blogged about it) x

  2. oh cool will take a look at your blog post too Rosie! its a really interesting idea for a beauty company :) x