Monday, 9 January 2012

Tom Ford - Plum Noir

I still can't quite believe that my boyfriend managed to choose some Tom Ford make up for me for Christmas and pick such gorgeous shades too! I guess my constant ramblings about make up have finally infested his manly brain! Either way I am so pleased to have the chance to try this luxurious range and I can honestly say that I was in love from the minute I saw the products. The packaging itself is stylish and classy, everything you would expect from a fashion icon. The products are divine and the bottle of the nail polish itself looks and feel expensive with its "TF" embossed on the lid. 

Yes it is £25 for a nail polish, which is extremely expensive for something you can buy for £3 in a drugstore, however the colour and texture make this polish look and feel worth the price. If you have a birthday coming up soon or want to treat yourself to something special then put on of these polishes on your list and you will get a taste of the sophistication of this brand.

The colour is deep and sexy and after only one coat the colour was dark enough but two coats really brings this plum almost black tone to life. It is the perfect shade for an evening out but could be used for a sultry day look. I personally will be saving this for birthdays or special nights out because of the price however I will not stop myself from using it if I get an urge to! Beauty products are there to be enjoyed after all and with Valentines day not too far away I could always drop an incredibly obvious hint to the man that I am desperate to try more colours from this range......

Tom Ford make up - 


  1. Eeeee! I'm so jealous! Gorgeous colour choice too. I've got a bit of a penchant for Chanel nail polishes but these are on another level! I've also heard that they are incredibly long lasting. Lx

  2. ive never tried a Chanel polish,that is on my wishlist this year too! yes it lasted extremely well but I had to remove it for work unfortunately :( such a rich colour mmm! x

  3. i know its beautiful! even better in real life!

  4. Its great when your boyfriend gets is right! never tried Tom Ford but it is defo on the list, lush colour, im jealous too

    I found your blog on the blog hop and am now following, please check out my blog and follow me too!


  5. Hi I have just started following, hope you can follow back? This is absolutely gorgeous, I keep finding myself back on selfridges looking at the tom ford range... it is only a matter of time. I will look out for you next tom ford purchase ;).

  6. Kim and Becky - thanks I am following you both back now ;) isnt it gorgeous, the bf did well!

    Annie - I want more colours from the range now eek! thanks hun x