Thursday, 5 January 2012

Elf Cosmetics - 100 pc Eyeshadow Collection

After months of being signed up to the Elf cosmetics newsletter and trying my hardest to ignore many 40% off deals and free shipping codes I finally gave in and just after Christmas I placed an order online at Luckily the Christmas sale had already started and many of the items I had had my eye on were now reduced so I couldn't walk away from such a great deal. It was free shipping for orders over £30 so myself, my sister and my mum decided to all buy together and make the most of this offer. All together we spent about £37 which bought us 12 individual items, pretty impressive for a girl who is used to spending £35 alone on a high end foundation! 

This box of goodies came 2 days after ordering and that was standard delivery, incredibly quick and efficient service! I personally ordered some lips products, brush cleaner, cream eyeliners and eyeshadow palette so I will be posting about each of the these products separately very soon. I am starting with the 100pc eyeshadow palette because this was the product I was most excited about and at £7.50 in the sale it is a bargain I just have to tell you about before it sells out or the price is raised again!

The palette is fairly large so would be best for keeping at home or perhaps taking on holiday. At only £7.50 the quality of the packaging itself isn't amazing but the presentation is nice with the glitter box perfect for gifting. The palette includes a small mirror in the lid which is useful and two sponge applicators which I personally won't use as I am a brush kinda girl but for those starting out applying make up or who simply can't afford to splash out on brushes then the applicators are a handy addition. I love the fact that the lid is see through because you are instantly drawn to the variety of colours and textures!

The pigment is much better than I expected and some of the depth of the colours rivals much more expensive brands. Some colours are slightly better pigmented than others but most are fantastic. I particularly like the matte colours for bases and the shimmer/glitter finish dark browns and greys for smokey eye looks. I will be posting images of the looks that can be created soon on the blog so keep checking back for those!

Overall I am very impressed with this palette and for £7.50 in the sale at the moment It is a bargain for anyone who is beginning their relationship with make up or simply wants to experiment with colours they wouldn't normally choose. I personally will be using this palette for my own make up looks as well as practising dramatic and creative looks on friends and family before my make up course in a couple of weeks.

More Elf cosmetics reviews and looks coming soon!


  1. Love this palette its so handy :) i see your a lover of e.l.f like myself you have a great blog hunny well done keep up the good work

  2. love love im in the site now actually! i ordered myself a brush set a while back now on the hunt for some good eyeshadow palettes!


  3. This looks amazing, looks like a very good offer
    Carissa xx

  4. i saw this pallette but had to stop myself, i own too many eyeshadows and i want to tame my spending. I will live through you and enjoy more ELF reviews!

  5. Nina- thankyou for ur lovely feedback, i will check out your blog now :)

    Gina - I need to try some of the brushes too! great palettes on there!

    Carissa - there are some fab offers on the sites, definitely worth checking out

    Laura - hehe I am trying to tame my spending too but failing! a few bargains are allowed right? ;)


  6. I'm so excited you're using e.l.f. stuff!! Your first picture of the box with everything in it just made me smile:) Yaaay!!!!:)

  7. The palette looks awesome :) xx

  8. This palette looks AMAZING! And for only £7.50 it is a definite bargain. I desperately want to pick one of these up myself, I think it would help me to branch out from my normal, safe, natural shades & experiment some more. It would be quite handy for learning what shades suit me too - so handy!

    Looks lovely hon xx

  9. Kristen - It made me smile too! what a great box of goodies!

    Laura - the palette is great, will be posting some looks from it asap :)

    Beauty Daze - Its so worth giving it a try for the money! I am going to experiment on myself and my sisters!

    Thanks for the comments girls x