Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My LUSH collection

I have always loved the concept behind Lush. Their strong views against animal testing and amazing scents make this store a pleasure to visit. There is a store near my work in Kingston and often browse there on my lunch break. I have recently purchased quite a few products from there and thought I would review them for you! My LUSH wish list is constantly growing due to the release of limited editions (notably the christmas collection) and I am always seeing fantastic reviews of products on my favourite blogs.

LUSH Volcano foot mask

A tingling clay foot mask which is perfect for those of us who work on our feet all day! I often have sore, aching feet after my shift on counter and this foot mask is the perfect pamper treatment for my tootsies! I apply it all over my feet on dry skin, then put my feet into clingfilm or a carrier bag to let it soak in for about 20 minutes. It has a cooling feeling and you can feel it soothing straight away. I then wash it off and scrub the product as I do to exfoliate the skin too. This is a retail workers dream product! Soft, smooth skin and feels like a real luxury treat!

LUSH Fairtrade foot lotion

This bright pink minty foot lotion has the same cooling effect of the mask and is perfect for using afterwards. I slather it on and it instantly revives and refreshes my feet, particularly the soles. Another fantastic product for anyone who spends alot of time on their feet I always follow the mask with this cream. It is a light but highly moisturising product and smells great.

LUSH Charity pot

This body lotion has a pleasant but not overpowering smell. It is soft, hydrating and melts into the skin quickly. I like to use this morning and evening and the fact that the money goes to charity makes me feel less guilty about splurging on it. A little goes a long way and anyone who wants an everyday no fuss body moisturiser this is a fantastic option for you.

LUSH ocean salt scrub

I use this product everywhere! It is created to be soft enough for the face which I love using it for but it also feels great on the body and feet. I mix it with a bit of water in my hands then lightly buff onto the skin. The smell is like a mojito with a lime minty vodka aroma. The scrub itself contains quite large granules so I probably wouldn't use this on very sensitive skin however if you use enough water it breaks down to a softer texture. 

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask

This is the only product I haven't immediately loved from LUSH. I bought it to make my skin feel refreshed and prevent breakouts as I wear makeup almost everyday for work and wanted a deep clean feeling. When I first used this my skin immediately felt soft and smooth however the next day all of my impurities seemed to have been brought to the surface and I suffered from some bad spots for the next few days. Eventually my skin recovered and felt better than ever but I was a little upset at first because working on a make up counter with breakouts is not fun! I asked the lady in Lush if this was normal and she said yes that it is meant to draw out impurities and takes a while to clear the skin so I would only use this again if I had a few days off work!

I am going to LUSH spa in Kingston on Wednesday for a massage treatment called "The Good Hour" which I am extremely excited about so I will let you know how that goes! Are there any LUSH must haves that I should pick up on my shopping trip and add to my collection?



  1. I use charity pot religiously and it works great on my dry patches :)

    Lea x


  2. I used to use Ocean Salt quite often but not bought it in a while, I will pick up a pot next time xx

  3. Oooh love this post, I feel a Lush splurge coming on now!


  4. I've always want to try out lush products. I think I'll do this now:) Amazing post and great blog:)

    I'd be very happy, if you want to take a look on my blog as well:)