Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lashes lashes and more lashes!

I never used to wear false lashes but since starting with MAC I have become addicted to them! My own lashes are quite short and fine and despite using volumising and lengthening mascara's I can never achieve that truly fluttery eyelash look. I have tried many lashes from many different brands but I have to say that MAC lashes are incredible. There are lots of styles available, defined, fluffy, long, short but I have a few favourites which I always go back to!

7 lash
These have to be my all time most used lashes! They are defined and slightly tapered which elongates the look of the eye but in a natural way. I use these for everyday wear or when I want the eyeshadow to be the main feature because they give definition and length but don't distract. They are so easy to apply and the length of the strip fits perfectly onto my lash line. I always have at least 3 pairs in my personal collection just in case of lash emergency ;)

8 lash

Another must have for me, these bundled lashes are spikey and defined and focus on both length and volume. Despite their strong appearance they create a fairly natural look because they replicate the look of a very good mascara with evenly spaced clumps of lashes. They are ever so slightly tapered and the dark black works well with a smokey eye.

12 lash
If you are looking for a dramatic lash these are the ones for you! I use these when I am doing a dark strong smokey eye look on nights out. These lashes with a strong eye and nude lip are my favourite going out style. They are very fluffy, deep black and tapered at the ends to create a winged out look. I always pair these lashes with winged gel liner to create huge feline eyes.

34 lash

These brown/black lashes are a softer alternative to the 12's. They still have that fluffy tapered style but the brown is more wearable for daytime and look fantastic with a gold/brown smokey eye. They are great for people with few and short lashes because they are very long, fluffy and full with a winged edge.

36 lash

These smaller fluffy lashes were originally launched as Sultress lashes because they are sexy but still natural enough for daytime. They are a soft black with a natural tapered look and are my favourites for a vintage eye look. I often pair these with a matte cream eyeshadow and red lips. If you are new to a tapered winged lash then these are a great first pair!

48 lash

These long wispy lashes are my doll look lashes as they instantly open up the eyes and the length makes them quite dramatic so I tend to wear them for evenings. I like to wear these with a brown/bronze smokey eye because they have that soft black colour which is less harsh than the deep black of the 12 lash. If you are looking for both length and fullness these are beautiful.

The must have product that makes these lashes so successful is Duo Adhesive.

This latex white glue dries clear and holds the lashes on all day and night. I have never experience any lashes coming off with this glue and the tube lasts a long time. It is safe to use in the eye area as well as using for body decoration in makeup artistry. Don't be put off by the odd smell it really is the best lash adhesive I have found! 

I like to apply the glue onto the end of a cotton bud and slowly and carefully apply to the edge of the lash. I then wiggle the lashes with the glue on the create a subtle curve so that they apply onto the shape of the eye better. Wait a few seconds until the glue is tacky and then apply onto lash line, lining up with the length of the eye. If you have smaller eyes you may want to line the lashes up prior to glue and cut off any length as necessary. NEVER cut lashes once they are on your eyes! 

Some people like to put mascara onto the lashes however I usually apply my mascara first then leave the lashes as they are. I find that this way I can re-use the lashes more times (approximately 5) by just peeling the old glue off and starting again. You may find that you want to apply mascara though for a stronger look and it can help to create a flawless look between your own lashes and the falsies.

What are your favourite MAC lashes? Are there any other brands that I should try?



  1. How have I never seen 36 and 48 before?! They are so up my street! x

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