Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Ombre Hair!

So I recently took the plunge and decided to steer away from my regular blonde highlights and jump on board the dip dye wagon. I don't usually follow hair trends but I loved the idea having my healthy original hair colour at the root whilst being able to add a bit of the blonde which I love so much :) I had seen photos of celebrities, bloggers and most importantly Lauren Conrad (love her) and these gorgeous images were the inspiration I needed to go for it! I decided to only have the top layer of hair done as my bottom layer is already light from previous highlights and this way if I didn't like the style I could change it back more easily! is my new hair!

In foils at the ends

Finished result - a sleek graduation from light brown to light blonde

Ombre looks nice curled too!

In natural light ready for work!

I am glad that I stuck with my original root colour as I didn't want to contrast between light and dark to be too severe, especially as this was really a trial run! Next time I will definitely be getting the same again with more blonde through the ends and perhaps a darker colour at the root!

What do you guys think of my new do?



  1. So pretty - It really, really suits you!xo

  2. WOW! Beautiful!

    Im your new follower please by my follower :)


  3. LOVE the ombre look... it looks fab on u xxx