Sunday, 19 August 2012

Chanel pop up shop!

I went to Covent Garden last week with my make up artist and below beauty blogger friend Vicky from and we accidentally stumbled across the Chanel pop up shop! Of course we couldn't resist going in and luckily were given permission to take some photos for our blogs! The shop is situation in the plaza area and looks as sophisticated and beautiful as we expected. The sleek black and white interior, winding staircase and pops of colour with bright nail polishes and sparkling lip glosses on the walls were stunning. 

Gorgeous nail colours!

Vicky in lipgloss heaven!

Vicky in front of the famous C's!

Make up art on the walls

It is definitely worth heading to this pop up store especially if you are a make up addict like me! I didn't make any purchases that day (finally I have shown restraint) but the staff were very helpful and attentive and the range was fantastic. I tried a few products including the matte lipsticks and certainly have a few colours on my ever growing make up wish list. I also need to invest in some more Chanel foundations as I adore the textures and finishes of them. My favourite everyday Chanel foundation is Vitalumiere aqua whilst Perfection Lumiere is stunning for a flawless finish. This store is well worth a visit!

 Find out more about the shop at



  1. This looks so pretty. I want to go there :(
    I really like the Vitalumiere aqua foundation too :)


  2. Oh wow! That's some serious will power you've got! Wish I had some, I'm really awful with money especially where makeup is concerned and Chanel is too seductive! X

  3. Chanel is heavenly, everything looks so pretty and well packaged!