Friday, 9 March 2012

My make up brush collection

Ok so I think I can safely say I am addicted to make up brushes! I don't know what it is about the feel of a new brush that gets me over excited but whatever it is it has left me with an ever growing brush collection but I can safely say that I enjoy using each and every one of them. I enjoy trying various brands of brushes because companies offer such a variety whether it be the hair itself (real or synthetic), the handle weight and design, the style and colour of the brushes and the uses that they have. My brushes range from very affordable to pretty darn expensive for a make up tool but I have never spent an excessive amount on brushes (despite being very tempted) and I have tried and own a variety of brands.

My full brush collection

My first full brush set - Sigma "make me classy" kit
I asked for this kit for my birthday a year ago and am so pleased with it. The quality is great and the brushes are very similar in style, texture and result to more expensive MAC brushes. The barrell container is great for travelling around with them but also for standing the brushes in on my make up desk in a neat and stylish way.
( £89.95)

The Sigma kit contains a good selection of eye.face and lip brushes, a perfect starter kit for make up artists or make up addicts!

I received this set of 16 Crown brushes on the first day of my make up course at London Muse so that we could practise on ourselves and one another and get used to owning and cleaning our own professional brush set. They come in a handy brush roll and are very compact so perfect for travel and were a great introduction to the many different types of brushes. I would recommend these for anyone on a budget who wants to try a variety of styles of brush.
( 16 Piece set £39.46)

All tucks away into a handy lightweight brush roll!

This basket is my every day use brushes. They are my personal collection and I would not use these brushes for a professional job because although I clean my brushes regularly I use most of these a lot on myself and many of them have been in my collection for a long time. There are various travel size brushes which I have received as part of limited edition gift sets or samples which I have been sent to try out for my blog. The main brands in this basket are Real Techniques, Japonesque, MAC and Ecotools, all of which I love and would highly recommend!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered two brushes from MAC and I am so glad that I did. I have wanted the 217 and 130 for so long now and finally took the plunge. The 217 is perfect for blending eyeshadows and the 130 is a dream for cream blush application and blending. I will be using these brushes in my professional kit because the results and quality are fantastic!

The newest additions to my collection are three brushes I bought at the Professional beauty show in London on monday. Crown brushes had a stall at the event with some great discounts on their products so it felt like the perfect chance to make a few affordable additions to my kit! I purchased the pro blending fluff brush (a MAC 217 dupe), the deluxe crease brush (similar to MAC 224) and a double ended domed foundation/concealer brush which has no name on the handle and I cannot find online but according to the associate who helped me it is a very new product and so might not be available yet on their site. I can't wait to try these brushes and see if they perform as well as their more expensive competitors. 

I am always on the look out for new brushes and brands to try so please leave comments below with your make up brush must haves so I can add them to my wish list!



  1. Wow - that's a good brush collection! xx

  2. ooo i spot a real techniques! these are my next buy!

  3. Glad I am not the only one with a MU brush addiction :) great post! x

  4. I am a brush addict too! I just want to own them all! I had a brush demo yesterday with royal & langnickel and they were offering 70% off so the brushes started at 96p for the highest range! Was gutted I didnt bring my purse aha :( x

  5. Despite the fact that I'm not a make up artist, I invested in a brush roll and have stuffed it full of a ridiculous amount of brushes! My favourite is the ELF Powder Brush for applying foundation, the Lily Lolo Small Powder Brush for bronzer and you can't go wrong with the No. 7 blending brushes...they work out at £2.25 with those No.7 vouchers that are always doing the rounds! x

  6. Thanks gals! glad to hear there are other brush addicts too! hehe.i will check out the suggestions too, keep em coming! x

    1. #130! Thats my fave brush ever. I use it for everything. :) I used it with a highlighter other day. Buffed it into my cheeks. Well lush. Ive never used Japonesque? I may have to pur-chase! Rx

    2. give them a try,ive been really impressed! their eyeshadow brushes in particular are good :) i love the 130 too! need more mac brushes now! x

  7. How was the makeup course at London Muse? I've been thinking about taking a makeup course but I have no idea where to start!


  8. it was fantastic! look at their website, they have a 4 week course starting in june which covers everything you would need to start ur career. im going back for week 3 and 4 which are bridal and hairstyling :) x