Monday, 6 February 2012

Living Nature

Hey everyone! 

Praise the lord Virgin Media have provided my house with a dongle to connect to the internet so I am able to blog! The connection isn't great but whilst it is working I thought I should crack on and tell you about a brand I am currently loving! I was sent some skincare and make up samples by 100% natural New Zealand brand "Living Nature". I am always keen to try products which are made with natural ingredients because they generally smell and feel wonderful. I was sent a skincare set containing a cleanser, toning gel, day cream and sachets of serum and night cream along with a couple of cosmetics from the range, an eyeshadow duo and lipstick. I always find it appealing when brands cover both skin and cosmetics because it means that you can get a really good feel for the brand and if you like it, can include a range of the products in your collection, knowing that the quality is high.

So lets discuss skincare first! I was immediately impressed by the simplicity of the packaging, white with black writing and clearly labeled. The sizes are also great because they were perfect for travel and for popping into my handbag so I could test the cleanser whilst staying at my boyfriends or carry the moisturiser with me on days out. I received the skincare essentials pack which is a great introduction to the brand and comes in a handy travel case. 


I was a little surprised by the price at first because this is hardly a "try me" price and usually when I want to explore a brand for the first time I am reluctant to spend over £15. However I soon learnt that this was more than just a travel set. I used the products every day and then every other day and am still making my way through the bottles 3 months later so although it may seem like a pricey investment, you will be using the products for a lot longer than expected! 

The vitalising cleanser and nourishing day cream were my favourite products from the collection. The toning gel was a little sticky for me as I prefer my toners in spritz or liquid form. The cleanser was light and refreshing, perfect for a morning pick me up! The day cream was again light but deeply hydrating and provided a lovely base for my make up. The small samples of firming serum and night cream were a welcome addition to the set and felt lovely on the skin! The main ingredient of the products is active manuka honey which is widely known for its healing and moisturising properties and also means that the products smell fresh and wonderful. 

I am definitely going to try more of the skincare range and have already for my eye on the gentle eye make up remover and radiance night oil.

My 3 favourites!

Next up is the cosmetics from the range. I was a little disappointed with the eyeshadow duo purely because the pigment wasn't as strong as with my make up brand eyeshadows such as MAC however the colours I was sent were very light pastel shades and therefore the colour itself was quite faint on the skin. The texture felt lovely on the skin though and the packaging was delightful. 

However I was most impressed with the lipstick I received in the shade "Summer rain". I have never been a brave lipstick wearer and am trying to become more adventurous with my shades and this lipstick is the perfect transition from neutrals to brights. It is a soft berry red which makes an impact but doesn't look too vibrant. I have been wearing it almost every weekend in the day with my winter coat and boots or on an evening out paired with black eyeliner. I love it! Living Nature informed me that it is their best seller and I am hardly surprised. The texture feels great on the lips and the colour lasts well.

Summer Rain lipstick £13.80

This isn't a cheap range and there are more affordable ranges which use natural ingredients available however I really like the feel of the brand, with its 100% natural promise and information on safe beauty. The campaigns on the website alone are enough to make you consider what ingredients you are using on your skin and how they may affect your wellbeing.

I would definitely recommend this brand because it is natural, effective and makes you feel good about how you are treating your skin. Go to to find out more about this lovely range.



  1. Living Nature is absolutely wonderful but they have twice halved the size of their products (to cover a price increase) since I've been using them, so I'm looking for an alternative. It's a great product but not worth the price Living Nature is asking now.

  2. never heard of these before seems lovely though with it being natural x

  3. i use their eye make up remover, which i love! I really like their cosmetics too, wearing their pencil eyeliner today :) x