Monday, 20 February 2012

Bernard Chandran - LFW

Last week I entered a twitter competition from Witch Skincare to win a pair of tickets to a London Fashion Week show and would you believe it, I won! I received the lovely tickets on the friday for the Bernard Chandran A/W 12 show on the Saturday at Freemasons Hall, London. Chandran is a malaysian designer and before going I looked up some of his previous shows and loved the designs so was very excited about going to my first fashion show and experiencing the buzz of fashion week!

I took my friend Caroline with me who is a model herself but had never sat and watched a show before so we eagerly arrived and sat in the third row (not too shabby for a competition winner!) and I was immediately stunned by the amount of people, wall of photographers at the end of the runway and the simple clean set up of the show itself. 

Caroline and I before the show! Seemed like the perfect night to try out my new MAC Girl About Town bright pink lipstick!

Photographers galore!

A gorgeous model and an inflatable woman - only at LFW!

Models on the runway!

A quick pose after the show!

Unfortunately the models moved quite quickly and being far from the front I didn't get any great photos and could only just pick up on the make up looks, which is wear my focus is always drawn to! Thankfully I found a great website when I got home which included some photos of the make up and hair looks from the show close up and here they are: 

Photos from

This make up look is much more interesting than it looked from far away! I could see the light brows and  bright red lips but couldn't get a sense of how flawless the skin looked with strong contouring and an orange shade on the eyelids. I think the make up works perfectly with the glamourous hair giving it a modern twist on a vintage look. 

The show itself was such a joy to watch, with uplifting drum and bass music which kept the atmosphere exciting throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and could have spent hours just watching the guests themselves with their fashionable clothes and creative make up looks! The show itself lasted only 7 minutes but the excitement I felt watching the creativity of the make up looks and the exciting fashion designs made me even more sure that the world of make up is the right career for me!


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