Thursday, 15 August 2013

Kit wish list!

As a makeup artist I love treating myself to the latest in makeup and skincare but I also have to treat my professional makeup kit to the best products to use on clients. I am always on the hunt for products which are space saving and high quality to use when freelancing and thought I would share my current kit wish list with you. The list of products are available from cocktail cosmetics or love makeup, two of my favourite make up artist brand sites both with fantastic service!

1. Z Palette Pro £19.95

I have been looking into getting these for a while because any brand refills can be placed into them and this pro size is even deeper to fit brushes too! They would be a real space saver in my already too large kit and would allow me to mix and match shadow and blush refill brands. The fact that it is a magnetic palette assures me that my products would be safe whilst travelling or on set.

2. The Brush Guard £5 

These brush protectors would be fantastic whilst travelling with my kit because no matter how much I wrap up my brushes in either a brush roll or brush belt there is always the risk of the hairs getting disturbed or bent. There are different packs available including a variety back for different brush sizes or foundation only to keep larger brushes safe and clean.

3.Yaby cosmetics blush pan refill £9.95

Yaby cosmetics is a vegan friendly brand who do a wide range of eyeshadow, concealer, foundation and blush refills which would be ideal for slotting into the z palette. I have been particularly enticed by the blush colours which are a great price and include a fantastic variety of colours for the fairest to the deepest skin tones. The textures are buildable and non streaky.

4. Sigma 5 kabuki brush set £64.95

I already own a small collection of Sigma brushes and the quality and price have always impressed me. I have had my current brushes for many years which assures me that they are worth having in my professional kit. These set of kabuki brushes would be great for working with different product textures (liquid, cream, powder) and the shapes and styles mean that a variety of effects can be produced. I find that different face shapes, skin types suit different brushes so these would be a useful addition to my brush collection. I may have to purchases for my personal collection too!

5. RCMA Colour process foundation palette £55.00 
This palette has been highly acclaimed by makeup artists including Wayne Goss as a great texture and selection of tones. At £55 it is an investment but the variety of tones in one palette and the great size means that it would save a lot of space in my kit. I like the fact that creams can be used sheer with a damp sponge but can be built up to full coverage too. Liquid foundations are more often used and I tend to use them on myself but I am keen to try more cream products as they seem that bit more versatile!

6. Something Bright Yaby Preset Palette £82.00

Another Yaby product I have had my eye on is the preset Something Bright palette. This palette not only includes vibrant colours but also some must have neutrals and I cannot see how I would need any other palette on a job! Such a wide selection of shades would be great on a photoshoot where many looks are being created during the day. The palette is refillable and magnetic, a dream for a makeup artist!

What are your kit must haves which I should add to my wish list?



  1. Good choices!! I have the RCMA palette in Shinto and its beautiful! And the yaby palette is gorgeous too it's fab I put mine in a zpalette! Also check out la femme blushes they are amazing!!! :-)

    1. Oh really?! glad to hear the rcma palette is worth getting! ooo thanks for the suggestions Sian! x

  2. Hayley those Sigma Kabuki brushes... the Crownbrush Infinity brushes are identical!! I was looking at them thinking where have I seen those brushes, and then remember it is because I have the Infinity ones in my kit!!!!!! haha!! xxx

  3. Have a look at the MAQ pro pp01 concealer pallete on love make-up hun! its AMAZING! My next purchase for my kit and its only 20pounds!